T.A.P. into Triman

If you are a Supplier

Triman’s capabilities extend beyond product distribution. As a partner with the Triman Advantage Program, you can expect:

  • Sales Growth
  • Protection of Product Exclusivity and Aftermarket
  • Reduction of Administrative Efforts and Costs
  • Real-Time Tracking Reports
  • Extended Sales and Marketing
  • Pricing Analysis and Market Research
  • Price Justifications
  • Export Management
  • Packaging/Freight/Logistics
  • Advantageous Payment Terms

If you are a Buyer

Our government and commercial customers benefit from our streamlined processes, developed through years of experience. As a Customer you can benefit from the following:

  • World Class Customer Service and Technical Assistance
  • Inspection / Testing Capabilities
  • Customized Packaging / Freight / Logistics -Commercial and Government Requirements
  • Inventory Management and Planning
  • Stocked Inventory, Real-Time Access to View
  • Meet Small Business Goals
  • Extension of Market Reach
  • Access to Capabilities through ILS and Exostar.
  • Logistics Management (Kitting, Just in Time)